Believe, Belong, Be Trained, Be Strong.


Men’s Ministry


Behold, this stone shall be as a witness to us, for it has heard all the words of the Lord which He spoke to us. It shall therefore be a witness to you, lest you deny our God.”

-Joshua 24:27

I will present myself to the Lord!

I will remember the work of the Lord!

I will choose to serve the Lord!

I will declare my witness to the Lord!

2017 Monthly Meeting Schedule

March 18th          Men in Prayer          Worship Center

April 8th               Men at Work            Projects around the church

May 20th             Men in the Word      Rev. Jason Loudermilk

June 17th            Men in Prayer          Worship Center

July 15th             Men in Work            Projects around the church

Aug 18th-19th    West Georgia Men’s Conference

Sept 16th           Men in Prayer          Worship Center

Oct. 21               Men in Work            Projects around the church

Nov 18th           Men in the Word      Guest Speaker TBA